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What if a cable doesn’t fit the port on the Bella unit?
Rotate the cable 180 degrees and try again, but not forcibly.

What if I followed all the orientation and setup steps and the Bella unit is not functioning?
Confirm that the Bella unit and the speakers are turned on; verify that the speaker volume is up. A small round raised dial on the front of one of the speakers, when turned to the right, will click and be powered on. The more it is turned to the right, sound will get louder. The more it is turned to the left, sound will get quieter and can also be powered off. Try slowly turning this dial right and left as you type one key.

I know my speakers are on but the Bella unit is still not functioning, now what?
Try turning the Bella unit off by pressing the small round, indented power button on top front of the Bella unit for about 3 seconds. You will then hear a slight click when it has completed shutting down and the blue light on top of the Bella unit will blink then also turn off. Wait 20 seconds and then turn it on again. After a minute or so, the device should turn back on and greet you.

Some headsets may have buttons and/or dials on their cabling for volume control or muting. If you feel along the cables of the headset and feel a dial with a rigid edge and/or a button to press, those normally control volume, so you may need to try sliding the dial up and down or pressing and releasing a button as you type one key to see how it affects the volume.

Some keyboards may have a key or button called Mute. If you press this key and do not hear any further keys spoken, press the Mute key or button again.

If you continue to experience difficulties, or have questions, please contact EVAS toll-free at 1-800-872-3827

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