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  • If you are unsure of what Mode you are currently in, you can always press the Escape Key to find out, and the Escape Key again to return to that Mode.
  • Key Echo, when Bellaspeaks a key as you select it, is automatically on in all Modes.  As you gain typing proficiency, hearing each key as it is typed may become unnecessary.
    Try turning Key Echo off every once in a while when you are in Word, Sentence or Game Mode as a way of checking your progress.
  • In Word and Sentence Modes, as you begin to type faster, Bella may not speak each key as it is pressed but when you listen to the word or sentence, you will hear that those keys that were not spoken, were indeed received.
  • In Game Mode, Bella will not include certain keys in games due to conflicts with Hot Keys. The excluded keys are all MultiMedia Buttons/Keys, Escape, Control, Num Pad Keys, Caps Lock and secondary keys, which are any that would normally be evoked by the Shift key such as the Question Mark.
  • Bella is designed to shut down after it detects inactivity.  Once there has been 60 minutes without any interaction with the keyboard, a message stating that Bella has noticed there hasn’t been any activity will be heard. Press any key to cancel shut down within a minute of this message; otherwise, the Bella unit will automatically shut down. The speakers will remain on.
  • We recommend that the Bella unit and speakers be turned off when not in use.
  • There is no need to open the Bella unit; all necessary access is available from the top and sides.
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