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EVAS is a family owned and operated Services and Technology Solutions Provider dedicated to helping people with disabilities thrive everyday by offering accessible computers and Assistive Technology products backed by our exceptional Customer Service, Production and Technical Support Teams that are driven to meet and exceed the needs of our Customers.

My parents, Jerry and Cathy Swerdlick, started our Company in 1979 and Incorporated in 1981. I like to say that I have been a part of our Company all my life, but I joined Full-Time in 1999 as a Customer Service Specialist and became our new CEO in the Summer of 2018 after my father formally retired. He never lets his vision impairment hold him back and I am proud to carry on his determination and his desire to continually do more in service of the disabled community with compassion, respect and advocacy.

In the Spring of 2018, we were contacted by a Customer that was trying to locate a product they had been using to help teach their Students typing skills, which would prepare them for Computer Training. We did not carry this product, nor could I locate any other Companies who had it, so I offered to get back in touch with them after I met with our Teams to further research. I held a meeting with everyone here at EVAS, called a “ThinkTank”, and we confirmed that this product was nowhere to be found and could not find anything else like it.

But that didn’t stop us.

Within a week, I held more meetings with everyone here, we created a prototype of a new solution and I offered it to the Customer to check out. After their evaluation and feedback, we knew that our solution exceeded the functionality of the prior product they were using. I proceeded to perform additional Market Research and quickly observed that there was definitely a gap in learning that our new solution would fill, not only for this particular Customer, but many others too. 

And now, a year later in the Spring of 2019, I am proud to officially release Bella by EVAS.  

Adapting to each person’s abilities and pace, Bella provides a comfortable, distraction free solution to understand keyboard layouts and learn typing skills with no need for a computer, internet or monitor.

From easy setup and documentation to natural sounding voice feedback, Bella users discover an independence in learning and empowers people to challenge themselves.

Enhancing typing skills is only the starting point for members of the Bella Community and their Care Givers. Bella also…

  • eases the progression to using a computer
  • opens opportunities for education and employment
  • can be a tool that Teachers use to assess Students skills as part of an IEP
  • compliments an English as a Second Language curriculum
  • works alongside Trainers to assess skills of people with visual, physical or cognitive disabilities
  • sharpens memory, encourages community activity of Assisted Living/Nursing Home Residents

And so much more! Be sure to check out the Bella Community page and Subscribe to be notified of any new posts with news, articles of interest and stories of how Bella inspires self-confidence, pride, determination and a greater quality of life!!!

~ Sara Saint Jean, CEO

(Picture of Sara Saint Jean)
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