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Bella by EVAS: The Mission, Vision, Website and Community

The Mission

Adapting to each person’s abilities and pace, Bella provides a comfortable, distraction free solution to understand keyboard layouts and learn typing skills with no need for a computer, internet or monitor.

From easy setup and documentation to natural sounding voice feedback, Bella empowers Users to challenge themselves as they discover an independence in learning.

A simple spoken menu system guides Users through modes and information, all based off the Escape Key.

The Vision

Enhancing typing skills is only the starting point for members of the Bella Community and their Care Givers.

Bella also…

  • eases the progression to using a computer
  • opens opportunities for education and employment
  • can be a tool that Teachers use to assess Students skills as part of an IEP
  • compliments English as a Second Language curriculum
  • works alongside Trainers to assess skills of people with visual, physical or cognitive disabilities
  • sharpens memory and encourages community activity of Assisted Living and Nursing Home Residents
  • inspires self-confidence, pride, determination and a greater quality of life!!!

The Website and Community

EVAS created this dedicated Website and Community to share information about Bella as well as have a place for continued awareness and learning.

Visit the Documentation link above for narrated videos and User Documentation.

Visit the Bella Community link above for posts about new features, innovative ways to use Bella, articles of interest and stories of how Bella is inspiring self-confidence, pride, determination and a greater quality of life! Join the Bella Community by subscribing to our email notifications to be notified when new content is added.

What People Are Saying About Bella...

A Parent in Delaware

A Parent in Delaware

"My child is not distracted by the internet and can focus on improving their typing skills."

An Assistive Technology Specialist in Washington

An Assistive Technology Specialist in Washington

"Bella benefits our students who are preparing for computer training."

A Teacher in Rhode Island

A Teacher in Rhode Island

"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free to teach touch typing to my students! I am so pleased with this product. I wish this existed years ago!"

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